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Karina Mora: Season 4 Finale - Artists & Creators

May 03, 2022 Karina Season 4 Episode 48
Elevating La Cultura Podcast
Karina Mora: Season 4 Finale - Artists & Creators
Show Notes

Another season wrapped! 

At the end of last season I mentioned we had a little over 1300 downloads, and now we are at over 2100 downloads. I’m always so thankful for all the support, and feedback that keeps me going and sharing our stories. 

So much wisdom and encouragement shared this season., but most of all I love how many of the people I talked with this season also said that as creatives we need to make space for ourselves to recharge, so that we can in fact keep creating. Rest and peace is crucial to the creative process.

This literally is opposite of what we are taught in schools, at work, by our parents… and that is why it’s imperative to change this narrative for creatives in general.

We joke or make comments about the “starving artist” narrative but this way of thinking is actually harmful to creatives. It’s a limiting belief that must be broken because it’s simply not true. 

When we step into our whole being, we find peace, and community to support us. We just need to be willing to deconstruct ideas that we’ve come to accept as reality. Let’s keep healing so that we can be the light for the next generation. Let’s support our kids, trust our kids, and simply encourage the next generation. 

If you’re in Chicago, come join us for the next Jefa Brunch I host with Veronica. Send me a DM for details, but you can get all the info on the elevating la cultura website. 

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I always like to hear from people and how they resonated with the stories I share. En serio. I respond to the DMs and messages. 

So, muchisimas gracias for another amazing season… I promised a little sneak peek into what next season will be about…and it’s going to be a solo cast where I share more of my story. 

I mentioned that I’ve been going to therapy, and I’m at a place where I can share more deeply about my story, my journey through assimilation, my story as a daughter of an immigrant, as a wife, as a mother…all the things, I’m going to get into it. People have asked in the DMs, in person to share more about me…so I’m doing it. I usually would rather hear other people’s stories, and experiences but I know I also need to be willing to go deep and share my own life.

I’m taking the next month off to recharge, create fun content, and will be back in June with a new season. Enjoy the rest of your day/afternoon/evening, whenever you’re listening y nos vemos pronto!